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Technical characteristics:
  • Safe load indicator JL-3000 uses industrial grade 5.7 inch LCD screen;
  • Full patch design, waterproof, dust-proof, anti-vibration, small size and easy to disassemble;
  • The casing is made of high-pressure cast aluminum material, beautiful, and the protection level is strong;
  • Large-scale digital, analog CMOS integrated circuits, low power consumption; strong anti-interference ability, high reliability;
  • The system has automatic fault detection function, which can automatically determine the fault location;
  • The host adopts the touch button, long service life and high reliability;
  • The system uses the latest modular integrated chip. Software can adjust the gain, the hardware without potentiometer, to solve the drift problem caused by the temperature change of the potentiometer, thus ensuring the stability of the data;
  • With password setting to prevent parameter wrong setting;
  • With sound and light alarm function;
  • Automatic compensation for sensors, 'temperature drift' and 'null drift';
  • With black box function, convenient to inquire any time.

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